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Ok so you have been told your are going to go into default, unless you come up with some money.
DO NOT GIVE UP, There are Options.
Your banker has told you that these are your options
• Come Current with your payments
• You can apply for a modification
• deed in lieu of foreclosure
• short sale
What if there is an option that your lender/ banker has not or will not tell you about? When would you like to Know?
You have the right to have the party that is foreclosing on you prove that they have the right to. It is called Proof of Claim.

At Foreclosure Defense Programs, we are dedicated to saving your home. We offer a number of programs and services to help you achieve your goal. With literally thousands of hours of research over the past 9 years we have compiled some of the best information on how to deal with debt ever assembled. We reveal little known secrets about debt that Banks, Collection Agencies and Even the I.R.S. does not want you to know about.

Foreclosure Document Review – $ 99.00   Discount for Members

Many of the documents you may be receiving from your lender/servicer could actually be documents that a court could deem invalid if they knew the story of the document. Lenders and servicers often create documents out of thin air or have them robo-signed in the hopes that a homeowner does not put up a fight against the foreclosure therefore never exposing the fraudulent document.  Our foreclosure fraud investigators will review all the documents and help determine the likelihood that a full audit will uncover fraud.  We are really not interested in selling audits and our other services if they are not going to be useful in saving ones home. Our foreclosure Document Review is substantially cheaper than our full audit as all we are looking for are red flags to indicate the likelihood fraud will be found.  Once we assess the documents we can then better tell the homeowner the chances that they actually will have a sustainable case against the party foreclosing. We can not tell you what the fraud is without a full audit, but with years of experience looking at these documents and dealing with certain lenders we can tell you what kind of fraud a full audit will most likely uncover.

Administrative Process – $ 249.00   Discount for Members

The administrative process that we help you with is a series of letters designed to be sent to all parties taking part in the Foreclosure Process. In well over 90% of the foreclosures happening in this country the foreclosing party has no standing to foreclose. In all aspects of the foreclosure you have the right under the Administrative Remedy Act of 1946 to deal with controversies concerning money or services thru communication and notices prior to having to take the matter to the Courts.  Many so called Foreclosure Guru websites tell you that they have some secret administrative remedy or process to get you quiet title to your home.  Some even state that you can create some international promissory note to pay off your Mortgage Note.  I have yet to see any verifiable proof these so called remedies work. Now that is not to say an administrative remedy or process can not add evidence to a lawsuit, as it can, if the wording in the letters and notices is properly Done.

You may have Mortgage Electronic Registration Listed as a nominee or beneficiary on your Mortgage or Deed of Trust. What legal proof have they submitted to show they legally can be named as nominee or beneficiary? You have the right to have them prove it.

You may have been told that Freddie Mac is now the investor of your Loan, however what legal proof has Freddie Mac or your servicer provided to prove that claim?

You may have some new Trustee who is claiming to be a substitute trustee on your deed of trust. Did you know that most substitutions of trustee documents are invalid due to the party substituting the new trustee not having authority to do so?

Foreclosure Fraud Investigations – $ 1995.00   Discount for Members

A Foreclosure Fraud Investigation and Chain of Title Assessment is an audit of both your closing documents and all other documents relating to your loan and foreclosure. We look to determine if your loan has been sold or securitized or sold, and if your foreclosure documents are even valid. 80% of foreclosures in the country in our estimation are done illegally with manufactured documents signed by people with no knowledge of the loan, and the party foreclosing in most cases is not even a party of interest in that particular loan. This process now includes a sworn Affidavit or Declaration of the investigations findings, signed by a chain of title expert.

2nd Mortgage Add on $ 495.00  Discount for Members

Many 2nd mortgages usually stop collection efforts once foreclosure starts on the 1st mortgage. Many times the 2nd mortgage lender writes the debt off as a charge off. However in some cases the second mortgage is the first one  a homeowner is able to keep paying and it goes into default. I rare instances the 2nd mortgage lender/servicer will attempt and in many cases foreclose successfully. It has happened where the 2nd mortgage holder foreclosed even though the first mortgage was current. This add on will include a full investigation of your 2nd mortgag and include the findings in the affidavit.
Foreclosure Fraud Reviews
We have experts who research all foreclosure documents to determine their validity. They determine if the bank has forged the documents and if the parties signing the documents had firsthand knowledge about the loan in question. Foreclosure fraud reviews help determine if the homeowner has a sustainable case against the foreclosing party.

Robo-Signer Report   $ 249.00   –  Discount for Members

Foreclosure Defense Programs has compiled over 15,000 documents signed by alleged robo-signers. If you get an audit from many auditors marketing these audits, they will claim someone whose name the found on some robo-signer website is a robo-signer. The problem with that is that something that cannot be proven is considered hearsay. How do you know that person named on that website is actually a Robo-signer?. These reports will show many samples of the parties signature on multiple documents. Some of the signatures compared side by will so extreme variations to their signatures, or multiple titles of multiple Banks. We have one Robo-Signer (Linda Green) who has documents attesting to be a high level executive of over 30 different lenders. Each Report will examine the party signing the foreclosure document as well as the notary who signed that document. The fee is per signer, not per document so if you have the same signer on multiple documents you will not pay multiple fees. Our lead examiner spent 6 years in the Marine Corps working for Naval Intelligence and is very good at finding dirt on the signers of these documents.

Legal Expert Referral Services (Third Party Service we do not control price)

Let’s face it, foreclosure defense is a very new area of law, and few attorneys understand the arguments of foreclosure defense and loan fraud, let alone have wins under their belt. Finding a good attorney who is both knowledgeable and affordable is something homeowners struggle with every day.
Foreclosure Defense Programs has a group of Legal Counsels specializing in foreclosure defense. These Legal Guru’s use the most current and most successful winning arguments to stop foreclosure and keep you in your home.

Let me say this now MOST LAWYERS ARE CROOKS!!   If we refer you out, our legal experts are NOT BAR attorneys, but are people who have studied Law for decades with great success.

Our experts have been getting 10 times better results for our clients and at fractions of what Scum Bag Attorneys charge.

If you want to know more about why hiring an attorney could make your case worse not better we will be happy to send you a presentation.

Once you see this presentation you will probably never want to hire a BAR attorney again!!!!
Additionally, our Legal Experts understand that when you are facing foreclosure you are not exactly rolling in money. Unlike most attorneys who require you to deposit $10,000+ into their trust account before they even talk to you, our Legal Counsel are extremely affordable and offer payment plans. One of Our Legal Experts has been studying both Constitutional Law and Banking Law for nearly 30 years, he can help you:
• Work in Conjunction with a Foreclosure Fraud Investigation to build your case
• Draft TRO’s and permanent injunctions
• Draft Pleadings and Motions on your behalf
• Provide Trustees and Opposing Counsel
• Provide Individual Attention and Coaching at your direction
• Draft Objections, Responses, & Answers for you

And do so in Any State

Jurisdictionary – $ 249.00  (Third party Service we do not Control Price)
Legal Shield – $ 20.00 to $ 26.00 per month depending on home state

Legal Shield is a monthly membership that gives you access to attorney’s in your home state for various legal issues. Much is covered under the monthly fee, such as review up to 15 pages of documents, write letters on your behalf for any number of issues.  Those items that are not covered under the monthly membership is given at a 25% Discount of that Firms normal hourly rate.  Once you sign up you can contact tom to go over the best ways to utilized that membership.  You can find more information or sign up by clicking on the Legal Shield Link below:

Legal Shield

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