When it comes to foreclosure protection, one of the best investments you can make is purchasing the course called “Jurisdictionary”  The course is created by someone who has been an attorney for nearly 30 years and has won cases in both Federal and State Courts.  In my opinion, if you gather your evidence and do your homework you do not need to hire an attorney for your foreclosure case. Now understand that is just my opinion after dealing with many attorneys who have taken thousands of dollars from my students only to have them still lose their foreclosure case, because of the agenda of a particular attorney.

Attorney’s are interested in one thing and one thing only, in my opinion.  CASH FLOW!!! What they can do to create the largest cash flow with the least amount of work.

This Course allows you to learn all of the legal strategies that most attorneys use in their pleadings and in court, but you control what is done, not some high priced guy in a suit. Watch some of the videos listed below to learn what you will get from this course as it could be one of the best investments you make in defense of your home.

Just check out some of the videos below to learn some of the things you will learn with this course.





In order for anyone regardless of what the case is, you really need to learn about the process if you expect to win.

The American Court System is governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

To win in Court you do not need to use an attorney, as many people on a daily basis win court battles by presenting themselves in what is termed as Pro Se’.  After all Attorney’s can be expensive and many do not play by the rules. In my own personal opinion since learning most of what I now know about the legal system I would never personally hire an attorney. That would be like putting handcuffs on myself while walking to the Courtroom.

I personally know people who have spent time going back to school to learn how to win court cases and how to present themselves.

Jurisdictionary – How To Win In Court Without A Lawyer!

Affordable 24-Hour Course Explains All . . . Step-by-Step Simplifies Lawsuit Procedure, Evidence, and Tactics.

  • Have a Lawyer? … Know What SHOULD Be Done
  • Don’t Have a Lawyer? … Know What YOU Must Do
  • Thousands Have Won with Our Step-by-Step Course
  • You Will Learn How to Win … In Just 24 Hours
  • Created by an Attorney with 22 Years of Experience

Includes Instant On-Line Access via Links Sent via Email
4-CD Course Package Ships Priority Mail via USPS (2-3 Day Delivery)

Complete Case-Winning 24-Hour Self-Help Course

EVERYTHING! … All Our Case-Winning Tutorials and Seminars on 4 CDs

Audio Classroom + Video Seminar + 15 Law School Reference Tutorials

Instant On-Line Access While 4-CD Course is in the Mail to You
Get Everything Listed Below + EasyGuide to the Rules

2½ Hour Audio Classroom on 2 Audio CDs — Included!
Learn with a Walkman or while Driving to Work

5-Hour Video Seminar on CD-ROM — Included!
Shows How to Use Forms and Simple Tactics to Win Your Lawsuit
Demonstrates Procedures – Helpful Tips – Effective Legal Writing

15 In-Depth Tutorials on CD — All 15 Included!
Includes Essential Lawsuit Resource Library on CD-ROM

Here’s what you will get:

  • Forms for Civil Cases – Simplified Forms for Pleadings, Motions, & Discovery
  • How To Win – Advanced Lawsuit Procedure & Case-Winning Pro Se Tactics
  • Evidence Made Easy – The Rules of Evidence Simplified
  • Motions & Hearings – How to Move the Court to Get What You Want
  • Causes of Action – Essential Keys to Winning in Court (Now Includes Injunctions)
  • Courtroom Objections – How to Preserve a Winning Record for Appeal
  • Affirmative Defenses – How Defendants Defend Aggressively!
  • The Language of Law – Understanding “Legalese” and Legal Philosophy
  • How to Be Heard – A Simplified Overview of Lawsuit Procedure
  • Common Law Maxims – Self-Evident Power to Control Judges & Lawyers
  • Complete Lawsuit Flowchart – Lawsuit Procedure At-a-Glance
  • Hiring an Attorney – How to Find and Contract with an “Honest Lawyer”
  • Summary Judgment – Winning Your Lawsuit with a Single Motion
  • Natural Law – Fundamental Legal Philosophy and Explained
  • Easy Guide to the Rules – A Handy Reference to the Rules of Court

Watch this video to learn just some of the things that are important when attempting to win a Court Case.


How to Win Court Cases

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Young Guy Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up from Subscribers

Won 4 motions in court yesterday. Wish I had your tutorials a year ago!
Linda S.
Roswell, Georgia
Your Course is GREAT!
Ramsay D.
Simi Valley, California
You are changing the world sir. Thank you for creating this great online law school.
M. Oharu
Wichita, Kansas
Ordered your course. Followed your plan. Other side had 3 attorneys. Cleaned their clock using your methods. Their case came down like a ton of bricks when I proved their elements were not there. Thank you!
Michael L.
Springville, New York
I have been using your program for four years and have won every case. Keep up the amazing work!
John M.
Phoenix City, Alabama
I got my child back!
T. Taylor
El Paso, Texas
Settled my case! Without your course I would never have gotten to 1st base.
Larry S.
Orlando, Florida
Escaped a 65 year prison sentence. I owe Jurisdictionary a great deal. Because of you, I was able to control a kangaroo court, well known for its corruption. I was not guilty!
Jimmy D.
Menlo Park, California
I have had so many attorneys take my money and leave me without representation. NEVER AGAIN! My family and I appreciate all you do. God bless you.
Patricia M.
Birmingham, Alabama
Your course helped me control my grandfather’s useless attorneys to file for rescission of gifts of voting stock. They told me I was wrong. I won by stopping the judge with precedent and a court reporter.
Jeffrey M.
Chicago, Illinois
I wish, oh how I wish, I found this information sooner. However, I am well armed now. Your tutorials are my most valuable resource in protecting my rights.
Adeline F.
Hanover Park, Illinois
Your course sets a second-to-none foundation to understand how the lawsuit process works. I’ve had several victories! My victories would not be victories, however, had it not been for your teachings.
Sam T.
Clearwater, Florida
The opposing party dismissed their case against me. Thank you for the knowledge and insight you provided through your course.
Gerald C.
Tucker, Georgia
I appreciate you and the very valuable training you offer. I will work very hard to ensure the word is spread.
A. Whitmore
Las Vegas, Nevada
First, we thank you! We recently purchased, received, and studied your full course. Wonderful!
Nicholas and Ursula D.
Douglas, Wyoming
Jurisdictionary, in my opinion, is the best investment you will ever make: investing in your own “Legal Education” and it works, I promise!!!
Don H.
Atlanta, Georgia
Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you have certainty put into creating this one of a kind program. I can only imagine how may people it has helped who have taken the time to check into it.
Pandora E.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Thank you for your hard labor and mission. Well done!
Steven W.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I’ve learned more from you than from any law classes that I’ve attended.
Danny G.
Janesville, Wisconsin
I learned more in two weeks with your course than I did in 2 years of paralegal school. I feel empowered! Your great course is clear, concise, and systematic.
Byron P.
Lansing, Michigan
You are Great, really Great Sir!!
Arshad H.
Hanover Park, Illinois
Won my appeal in the 2nd District Court in Florida because of your excellent course.
Roger P.
Palm Harbor, Florida
I call it “empowering the people” when I preach Jurisdictionary!
Charlie H.
Haw River, North Carolina
Since learning from your course my life has changed for the better, and I am finally in control of my formerly overwhelming legal problems.
Harold C.
Jersey City, New Jersey
You are one in a million!
Louis D.
Mesa, Arizona
I truly do appreciate the work you do and the information you provide as this is a great service to “all” citizens. Certainly more “legal information” is needed to increase “legal literacy” in the world today. I am amazed that you are able to respond so quickly given your “one man” operation. The “legacy” you are leaving by promoting “legal education” is important to this generation as well as future generations and I commend you for your efforts to impart of your knowledge.
Leonard S.
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Jurisdictionary has given me a greater appreciation of due process. It’s amazing!
Deron B.
Salt Lake City, Utah
I want to testify to how comprehensive your course is. I was amazed how sound and easy to understand your lessons are. Used your method to force the other side to produce contract they claimed I breached. When they could not, I filed a motion to dismiss their case. They settled. Thanks for your course!
Joseph R.
Miami, Florida
Another victory! They backed off as soon as they received my demands! You are a prayer answered from the Lord!
Sam T.
Dallas, Texas
The case law I took to my attorneys was better than the “unpublished” document they offered as their “case law”. They told me I should come to work for them! It all fell into place once I purchased your wonderfully amazing self-help course!
Kelly J.
Guymon, Oklahoma
This course is absolutely needed for personal enlightenment and navigating through many difficult situations…it builds confidence to ask the right questions. I refer to it often mentally and visit the site to gain clarity.
Halina B.
Depew, New York
Got my second win in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Thanks.
Sonny S.
Brooklyn, New York
I consider you a hero for the course you’ve produced and the heart reasoning that prompted you to do it.
Ivanov P.
Homestead, Florida
A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits.
The Charlotte Observer
Charlotte, North Carolina
The knowledge I gained from your program has greatly empowered me. I am thankful to you.
Leah H.
Front Royal, Virginia
I have been using your program for four years and have won every case. Keep up the amazing work!
John M.
Phenix City, Alabama
Thank you for your guidance and the time and effort you’ve put into the American Dream.
Andrea M.
Brunswick, Maine
I fired my attorney 2 years ago and began using Jurisdictionary. I cornered the plaintiff and his 40 year “experienced attorney” with my demands for discovery and motions. They did not even show up for trial after chasing me 3 years to extort money in a false claim. Case closed.
Bend, Oregon
I recently purchased your Jurisdictionary course and have LOVED absorbing everything.
Sharon S.
Tucson, Arizona
Thanks. Your course is in a class by itself and a remarkable tutor.
Sam S.
Coronado, California
Your course is awesome!
L. Price
Melbourne, Australia
I took on the City of Omaha and won. I was featured on a popular radio show to give proof “one man can defeat City Hall”. Thank you!
John M.
Omaha, Nebraska
Been fighting 3 collection agencies. Absolutely ecstatic about my victories. Prior to purchasing your fine program, I was just one of the ignorant herd these people prey upon. Your user-friendly course is the best $249 I’ve spent in a long time. My wife overheard plaintiff’s attorney say, “Don’t mess with that guy!” Wow!
Dr. Donald B., PhD
St. Louis, Missouri
You are completely brilliant. I have never seen/read anything like this. I am eager to get this information out to help others like me. Thank you.
Sylvia C.
Kula, Hawaii
A grateful “Thank You” for this excellent course
Barbara R.
Los Angeles, California
I ordered your course on May 31st, and by June 28th the lawsuit against me was “Dismissed with Prejudice.” Many thanks as I was clueless until I reviewed your videos and excellent classes.
Tracy B.
Beltsville, Maryland
We filed a Motion to Strike Sham Complaint, like you show in your course. Two hours later the other side called to report they were dismissing the case! We were so happy we were crying with joy. We won! I cannot thank you enough for making it simple to follow.
Tyler G.
Olympia, Washington
Jurisdictionary WORKS! Won against a powerful attorney. Even the other attorneys in the gallery were talking about it.
K. Anderson
Huntersville, North Carolina
I have learned more with your course in the past few days than I have learned in the rest of my life, and I am not a young man anymore.
D. Parker
Alta Loma, California
Thanks to your Jurisdictionary site, I learned so much that I won favor with the Magistrate and he ruled favorably on every motion I filed. I thank God for your web site, and thank you too!
U. Lowe
Cincinnati, Ohio
You tell us thanks but We thank God for His wisdom shining forth through you.
Kristen L.
Canton, Michigan
Thanks to you we are able to get the law in front of the judges and keep them honest.
S. Rickett
West Jordan, Utah
I won a criminal case at trial with two lying witnesses against me. I got Jurisdictionary and learned that law works if it’s used correctly. The judge read my memorandum and agreed with me. The most wonderful feeling I ever felt was walking out of that courtroom knowing I won without a lawyer!
Philip J.
Albany, Georgia
Your website is amazing. I am devouring all of the material. Please keep up the great work.
Jon-Paul M.
Bolivia, North Carolina
I have your complete course and have found it to be the most rewarding study of law I have ever read.
Dan C.
Denver, Colorado
Your cause is urgently important.
William M.
Northfield, Minnesota
I purchased your course and learned more in 6 weeks than you can shake a stick at. The step-by-step study has been worth more than I can ever repay. I will be passing this knowledge along to my five children. Thank you for the Christian values you prove to be at our country’s core.
Ron W.
Milaca, Minnesota
With your course I have defeated many collection agencies and their lawyers. Your course is excellent!
Robert S.
Kanab, Utah
Bought Jurisdictionary and am extremely pleased with it.
Sharon W.
Pahoa, Hawaii
Won unemployment benefits hearing on my own. Without your Jurisdictionay training, I would not have been effective. The course paid for itself. Your course is a blessing.
Ben J.
Los Angeles, California
Your course is SO practical. Keep up the GREAT work!
John T.
Humble, Texas
I tell people about your services as though it’s the gospel. Your course is answer to a prayer I’ve had a long time.
Charles S.
Houston, Texas
Your course is nothing short of GENIUS!
Geoffrey L.
Bremerton, Washington
Always shall you have my greatest respect and admiration.
Suzanne A,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I wish I had known about your course years ago.
Marilyn E.
Kapaau, Hawaii
Our county officials decided to settle with me when I used Jurisdictionary to take them to the 9th circuit appellate court here in California.
Pat H.
Sacramento, California
It took 8 years and my representing myself in 5 different courts, but I finally won the rest of my lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court of Appeals. Thank you and God Bless You.
S. Zito
Harpersfield, New York
I won $11,000 lawsuit against a bank by using your course. I was amazed how easy it is to understand! It gave me confidence. The bank’s case was dismissed with prejudice! Thank you for making a great course. I got back much more than the cost. I got back my dignity! God bless you!
Reynaldo N.
Mundelein, Illinois
Keep up the great work. Thanks again so very much.
Ronald G.
Bellport, New York
Defeated a 35-year veteran lawyer I’ve been fighting the last 3 years. Most of this victory is credited to your course. I can’t thank you enough.
Bill J.
Columbus, Ohio
Jurisdictionary has given me the strength and confidence to go before the courts.
Adrienne M.
Mullingar, Ireland
This course has changed my life. I have filed over 6 complaints against debt collectors with over 22 defendants for violations of consumer laws using what you teach in Jurisdictionary and have never lost a case in Massachusetts. Thank you.
Paul J.
Staughton, Massachussets
I have been in law enforcement, have degrees in law enforcement and a para-legal degree, but by far I have learned more from you than all of them. Thank you very much.
E. Wilson
Jacksonville, Texas
You have taught me so much knowledge and law. I will help you no matter what.
P. Bui
Westminster, California
This course is extremely valuable and helped me tremendously to understand how to win.
Christina W.
Sarasota, Florida
I ordered your course several weeks ago and am really enjoying the fact that I understand the legal process better than I ever thought I could.  Your materials and teaching style are great and very easy to follow.
Allan D.
Brainerd, Minnesota
Because of the education received in your course, I stayed on top. Neither the courts nor the bank could knock me out.
Holly M.
Arvada, Colorado
Thank you for providing your course to people at an affordable price.
Pete B.
Charlotte, North Carolina
I bought your course, and it paid off!
Ruben P.
Miami, Florida
I finally decided to invest in the program and start to learn “How to Win in Court”! Youre program saved me. Learning the rules of court make a difference! The HOA dropped the case. Thank you for everything! I now can start my life over after 10 years of unfounded harassment from greedy people who don’t care! The only regret is I did not order your program sooner.
Becca C.
Tampa, Florida
I bought your course. It’s great!
Linda W.
Golden, Colorado
Best investment ever! My $249 won $216,000! I sued my employer for violating my copyright. More than a few lawyers turned me down, afraid to take on a giant corporation. After nearly giving up, I found your course. You are right. We can win (if the law is on our side) regardless how powerful our opponents may be. Our liberty really is in the law. Your course gives the common man power to get justice!
Patrick D.
Olympia, Washington
Thanks for keeping the course going all these years!
D. Williams
Port Angelew, Washington
My attorney kept me in the dark but from your course I learned enough to realize he was trying to take my real estate for himself, and I circumvented him thanks to you!
Anthony A.
Decatur, Alabama
Your information was an angel on my shoulder helping me through the panic phases.
D. Christiensen
Sherman Oaks, California
On 30 January I used what you teach to stop foreclosure. No mortgage. No foreclosure. No note. No foreclosure.
Ken M.
Tampa, Florida
I used your course to sue my ex-partner and forced him to settle for $50,000! Thanks for your excellent course.
Kevin C.
North Conway, New Hampshire
I appreciate what you have done for society as a whole. I will be spreading the word for sure and getting this valuable info into as many hands as possible!
Richard V.
Hollywood, Florida
Anyone would have to be a fool not to take your course. Thanks for revealing the tactics I needed to win! I’m a free man!
D. Moyers
Covington, Georgia
Without your course I would have been another casualty of the system.
Basile D.
Wilson, Wyoming
You have helped me a great deal at a time when i could have lost everything i worked for these last thirty years. You have enlightened me with Armor of new education, I never knew I would some day need.
Milanko, D.
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
I have learned more in the last few days than I could have in years on my budget.
David P.
Alta Loma, California
Thank you for all that you do for us!
Dottie C.
Highland Beach, Florida
Jurisdictionary helped me very much in my Eminent Domain case. Thank you!
Robert K.
Jacksonville, Florida
I have your course. I wish I had a picture of the opposing attorney when I objected to his attempt to get an affidavit admitted! Thanks!
Pasadena, Maryland
Everyone needs this course.
Bob R.
Hobart, Indiana
I won my case in the Alaska Supreme Court against my Borough government in support of local citizens’ right to petition government through the initiative and referendum process. Jurisidictionary helped me understand the concepts necessary to prevail.
James P.
Nikiski, Alaska
I’ve learned so much that I decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat here. Your course gives me confidence I can be a lawmaker who knows how law is supposed to work.
Rob T.
Cumberland, Wisconsin


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