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A Document review is when our researchers review your documents in order to determine the likelihood that fraud is prevalent in your foreclosure. Our Researchers will look thru both your origination documents as well as your foreclosure documents to try to look for red flags that would indicate that your documents are either fraudulent, invalid or contain multiple errors. This review helps determine what the chances are that a full audit would provide information to determine that your foreclosure had a sustainable case in court against the foreclosing party or parties. This Review can be done within 48 hours. The thing is that you can not file a lawsuit against the foreclosing party without first having one or more causes of Action. You can not sue your lender/servicer just because you can no longer make the payments due to a job lay off.

You need to have some sort of proof that the party foreclosing is not really a party of interest in your loan and that they have no legal right to collect any payments from you or to sell your home for financial gain. Most mortgages have been securitized, meaning they have been sold to 3rd party investors and are now being serviced by a servicing company or a debt collector. Banks commit fraud in an enormous percentage of the loans that have been closed since the year 2000. However the average homeowner has no idea how they are being defrauded.

Take a look at the videos below to see if a Document review will benefit your case. Now these notations in these presentations only show the likelihood of fraud, but in order to utilize this information in court you will need an audit or report prepared by an expert concerning these matters. You can make these assertions and present to a judge, however he will not listen to you as you are not an expert and are the party being sued for foreclosure. You need a 3rd party to discover the irregularities and frauds of your foreclosure process. I show you these videos to show you just to what extent these lenders and servicers will go thru in order to Steal your property.

Foreclosure Fraud Part 1

Foreclosure Fraud Part 2

Foreclosure Fraud Part 3

Foreclosure Fraud Part 4

Foreclosure Fraud Part 5


Check out all of the samples listed below of Linda Green’s Signature, We have over 80 samples of her signature in our Database.


Over the past 5 years we have obtained well over 20,000 documents signed by alleged robo-signers. Most audit firms when putting their audits together make claims that a signer is a robo-signer due to finding their name on a website that shows a list of alleged robo-signers. I need to tell you that information and $ 3.00 will by you a cup of coffee. Stating someone is something with NO EVIDENCE is nothing more than hearsay, and is not admissible in court. If our researchers state someone is a robo-signer or has signed a document without being of authority to sign that document, it is because we found variations in their signatures or in the titles and companies they claim to represent in other documents signed by that signer in our database.

Bryan Bly in an interview by the Tampa Bay Times was quoted as saying that he at one time was signing over 2,000 foreclosure documents each day. He is just one of thousands that foreclosure mills hired to sign these fraudulent foreclosure documents.


Our document review can help when we see who has signed those documents we can have a pretty good idea of just how helpful one of our products will be for your case.

Watch the video listed below to see just how powerful exposing these fraudulent documents by pro se’ litigants can be when defending these foreclosures.


To order a Mortgage Document review call 541-844-1830  or email  to

The cost for a document review is $ 199.00 and if you order a foreclosure fraud investigation afterwards we will credit $ 100.00 of the cost of the review towards your forecloure fraud investigation audit.

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