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About Us

Foreclosure Defense Programs is a Website brought to you by one of the Founders of Consumer Defense Programs, providing foreclosure information for homeowners nationwide. We help homeowners throughout the Nation. Many of the options, strategies, products, and services are to the Banks what kryptonite is to Superman. When Superman is exposed to Kryptonite he becomes very weak and unable to do anything. The same goes for some of the products that we marketing to homeowners. There are strategies we market to home owners that can stop Foreclosure in its tracks and allow the homeowner to enter the knife fight while yielding a bazooka.

The Banks and servicers actually hate one of the services we bring to homeowners on a regular basis. A Foreclosure Fraud Investigation can be your lender/servicers biggest enemy in its fight to foreclose on your home.

Once you see what the Banks and Servicers do not want you to see, it is much easier to know what action to take to protect your assets.

Currently we do not have any training modules on this sight, but eventually it will be a member website with enormous information concerning how to deal with foreclosure. Access to Qualified Written Request template letters as well as Debt Validation letters and instructions on how and when to use them. Template letters to write to MERS, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac to demand information on your note.
As a Member of Foreclosure Defense Programs you will have access to some of the most useful and detailed information about facing foreclosure and how to keep the Bank from stealing your home, as well as discounts on our products. 90+ Percent of Foreclosures in my opinion are happening illegally from parties who do not even have any interest in the loan. They are nothing more than debt collectors attempting to collect an alleged debt that in most cases has already been paid or written off.

You will receive a step by step power point of how to make the right moves when facing foreclosure. Understand why hiring an attorney may actually hurt you in many cases. Don’t get me wrong, we have a network of foreclosure attorney’s to refer people to, but sometimes you get better results on your own. But you better do your homework first if you decide to take that option. We can give you the tools to make the right choices.

Many of the concepts that can help defend your home against foreclosure can also defend you against many other debts that you may have, including credit card debt, student loan debt, medical debt, and most other alleged debt.

Visit our Sister Site if you are having problems with unsecured debts and debt collectors: www.debtdefenseprograms.com


What you need to learn is that your lender lied to you about a lot of things concerning your loan.

For a very limited time visitors can access all pages of this website, but at some point we will charge a membership fee to access the information we have compiled from thousands of hours investigating foreclosures and bank fraud. Download our free ebook.
FREE eBook Reveals…

√ Why 100% of Foreclosures are done in FRAUD (and what this means to YOU and YOUR Home
√ How you can LEGALLY turn the tables on your lender to STOP the Foreclosure Process dead
√ Learn Simple Foreclosure Defense Strategies to stay in your home and eliminate your stress
√ Plus, actual court cases (from other homeowners who fought back and WON!!)
√ Learn the top secret strategies that banks hope you never learn about your Foreclosure
√ Learn how a Foreclosure Fraud Investigation and Chain of Title Analysis can make your lender/servicer plead for mercy
√ And other FACTS that prove you have OPTIONS than you ever thought possible!!!
Don’t let the banks continue to pull the wool over your eyes! Find Out WHY Your Foreclosure is ILLEGAL!


Watch the videos below to help educate yourself about Foreclosure Fraud

Don’t take our word for it listen to what those in the news are saying about the legality of most foreclosures in America

Produce The Note

Is Your Mortgage Illegal? Sue Your Lender

60 Minutes Interview

We are an open book and welcome that you find out all that you can about our company and products

Here’s what else you’ll discover… How the banks are getting paid 5 to 10 times (and more) the value of your mortgage loan and what you can do about it. And how you may qualify for a 100% REFUND of the principal and interest you’ve paid on your mortgage to date. How to find out if your lender followed the law under the Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and what it means to you and your loan.

Direct links to little-known, time-saving, and credible resources (so you don’t waste dozens of hours sifting through garbage and confusing half-truths all over the internet) How to save yourself and your family from being victimized by one of the largest financial scams in recorded history and much, much more. Learn foreclosure defense strategies so you can fight foreclosure fraud.

Listed below are a series of videos of former bank executives admitting to the fraud that has been committed in these foreclosures and the issuing of fraudulent mortgages designed for the banks to benefit from without actually investing any of their money. We can uncover the fraud in the documents and provide 3rd party expert testimony concerning your mortgage. Don’t take my word for it, watch the videos and make your decision based on their testimony. Foreclosure can be stopped and people can get their mortgage discharged if done properly. There is no magic fix as many guru websites state. It is a matter of gathering the evidence of wrong doing and presenting it properly in Court.

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California 18 Part 2

California 18 Part 3

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California 18 Part 6


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I have recently written a book to help people understand the foreclosure process and the options the banks will never tell you about. You can order it for free on PDF by emailing me at fdprograms@gmail.com    Just put in the subject line FREE FORECLSOURE BOOK.



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